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Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program Application

  1. (Include as much information as possible; number of trees, species, location, etc.)
  2. Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program Filing Requirements:
    The Village encourages resident plantings of canopy trees. The Board of Managers has allocated $7,000 in this year’s budget to provide a cost-sharing program for the planting of “canopy” trees on privately-owned property. If a resident chooses to participate in the private planting of a canopy tree, the Village will cover up to half of the total costs or $175, whichever is the lesser, of purchasing and planting of qualifying canopy trees on privately owned sites nominated by Village residents. For this purpose: i. Total cost shall be the gross cost (to include sales taxes) before state and county or other subsidies. Currently, the state and county each offer $25 toward the purchase of qualifying species. ii. Qualifying canopy tree species shall be White Ash, American Linden, Red and Sugar Maples, various Oak (White, Swamp White, Shingle, Willow, Water, Scarlet and Red), American Sycamore, London Plane, Bald Cypress, Sweet Gum, Black gum, American Beech, disease resistant varieties of the American Elm, the Kentucky Coffee Tree, and Tulip Poplar. The size of the purchases tree shall generally be 2.5” in caliper or greater. iii. The Village requires documentation from a nursery showing proof of the planting of the canopy tree, its correct size, and that the tree is one of the above qualifying species. iv. Applications for cash assistance will be acted upon as received. Any applications that cannot be accommodated within the approved budget for this program will be carried forward with priority to the following year.
  3. Private Property Tree Planting Incentive Program Checklist:*
  4. I hereby certify that I have the authority to make the foregoing application, that the application is correct, that I have read and understood all requirements and that the planting will conform to the Village Code and any covenants and easements on the subject property.
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