• Young persons being read a story
  • Young person in carriage
  • Young person dressed as witch
  • Young person dressed as tank
  • Young person dressed as Sherlock Holmes
  • Young person dressed as Ghostbuster
  • Young person dressed as DJ
  • Young person dressed as construction worker
  • Young person dressed as cat
  • Young people participate in activity at table
  • Young man at buffet table near decorations
  • Woman with young person dressed as Snow White
  • Woman dressed as Queen of Hearts
  • Wide view of party at large
  • Uniformed police officer in discussion with party
  • Uniformed police officer addresses the crowd
  • Two adults in discussion near table
  • Trio of young persons in costume
  • Three people in discussion
  • Three party attendees in costume
  • Partygoers with balloons
  • Partygoers gathered together
  • Partygoers eating together
  • Party attendees near decorations
  • Party attendee dressed as yellow bird
  • More partygoers with balloons and buffet
  • Family members in costume together
  • Costumed young persons with balloons

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