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Tree Removal Permit Application


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  • Step One

    1. Must be completed prior to Issuance of the Tree Removal

    2. “No person shall remove or destroy, or cause the removal or destruction, of a tree or undertake any action that will substantially impair the health or growth of a tree without first obtaining a permit from the Village Manager. No permit shall be required for normal and reasonable trimming or other tree care designed to maintain the health, shape, or balance of a tree.”

    3. The Village Manager may issue a permit only if at least one (1) of the following conditions applies: • The tree is diseased beyond restoration, insect infected beyond restoration, or injured beyond restoration; • The tree is dead or dying, or is in danger of falling; • The tree constitutes a hazard to the safety of persons; • The tree constitutes a hazard and threatens injury to property; • The tree constitutes a hazard and threatens injury to, or would have a negative effect on the health of other trees; • The tree is injurious to or creates a condition injurious to the health of a person, certified to by a qualified medical practitioner; • The tree is on a list of tree species of little value, as determined by the Board of Managers after consultation with the Village arborist and Village Tree Committee.