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Solicitor/Vendor Application

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  3. Valid proof of a Montgomery County Venor's License must accompany this application before we will issue a Chevy Chase Village Vendor's License. We will issue no license without this proof.
  4. Chevy Chase Village Code of Ordinances Section: 19-5 License Term and Fees
  5. (a) All licenses issued pursuant to this Chapter shall expire on the first June thirtieth (30th) to occur after the issuance of such license.
  6. (b) For each license required by the preceding section, each person, corporation or agent shall pay a permit fee per annum, in advance, for each vehicle or person soliciting or vending in the Village. The permit fee shall be established by the Board of Managers in an amount not to exceed the reasonable cost of adminstering and enforcing this Chapter.
  7. Please attach a list of those persons and/or vehicles involved in vending activity for your organization. Also include the vehicle registration number and driver's license number for all vehicles and drivers involved.
  8. PLEASE NOTE: Vending/soliciting is only permitted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The Village Code does not permit vending/soliciting on Sunday.
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