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Membership Form for Village Commissions and Committees

  1. Chevy Chase Village
  2. Membership Form for Village Committees
    Membership on Village Committees by Village residents is encouraged, subject to keeping committees to a reasonable size and ensuring that Village-wide views are represented. The Board of Managers will appoint members of all Special Purpose (ad hoc) Committees and of the Standing Committees on Financial Review, Tree, Public Safety, Traffic, Welcoming and Elections 1 . Residents interested in the work of a committee are encouraged to review the committee(s)’ Scope of Work and to comp lete the following membership form
  3. Membership for Village Commissions
    The Board of Managers is committed to the philosophy of full participation by Village residents in the government's decision-making process. The Board of Managers has adopted legislation to create independent, quasi-judicial administrative codes to ensure that the highest standards of governmental operations are maintained. To this end, the Chevy Chase Village Ethics Commission was created to oversee the conduct of both the elected and appointed officials. Additionally, a permanent Personnel Commission was created to formulate recommendations on all matters relating to the Village staff such as appointments, dismissals, appeals, revision of job description(s) and establishment and review of the Village's compensation and benefits programs. Lastly, a Building Facilities Commission was created to formulate and submit to the Board of Managers for its approval, proposed rules and regulations concerning public use of the Lambert Room, Humphrey Hall and the Tuohey Conference Room of the Village Hall. Residents interested in bei ng appointed to one of these three above-referenced Commissions are encour aged to review the commission(s)’ Scope of Work and to complete the fo llowing membership form. Please Note : Appointments to Village Commissions occur when current members’ te rms expire, or upon a member’s resignation
  4. Please use this space to outline areas, topics or matters of interest so you can be matched with the appropriate Commission/Committee, or provide information regarding your personal and professional experience that is relevant to the work of any specific Committee/Commission. 

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