What is a House Check and how to do I request one?
Village Police Officers conduct House Checks when residents are away from their homes for more than twenty-four (24) hours. During their patrol shift, Officers walk around the perimeter of the house looking for anything out of the ordinary; i.e., open windows or doors, individuals on the premises without authorization, etc. Residents are encouraged to stop newspaper and mail deliveries. Any mail or packages left on the property will be collected by the Officers and taken to the Village Communications Center. Newspapers will be collected and recycled. The Officer will leave a note advising that mail was collected.

Village residents may contact the Village Communications Center at (301) 654-7300 to arrange a House Check. You can also submit a “House Check Request” form directly from the Village website. Residents are encouraged to contact the Village Communications Center to cancel their House Check if they return early or cancel their departure or to make additions/deletions to their information.
Request a House Check

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