How do I dispose of Hazardous Waste?
The Public Works Department also provides a monthly hazardous waste collection service along with its weekly special pickup and garden debris collection. This service is provided on the second Wednesday of each month. Hazardous items must be transported to the County’s Transfer Station the same day they are collected. The Village will collect all containers of garden chemicals, corrosive household cleaners, motor oil, and oil-based paint. Please label all hazardous waste materials for Village collection. Montgomery County does not accept latex-based paint in its Hazardous Waste Program. If you have cans of latex paint, open the containers, let the contents dry out, and place the cans in the regular trash for pickup. To arrange for a hazardous waste pickup, residents must contact the Village Communications Center by no later than 2:00 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the pickup. Residents must specify the type and quantity of hazardous materials requested for pickup.

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