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Aerial Photographic Survey Postponed until Fall

Earlier this month, we advised residents of an anticipated aerial photographic survey to be performed by a Cessna-style plane over the Village in support of the Village’s Municipal Storm Drain Project.  This survey was scheduled to provide the basis for a detailed analysis of topography and stormwater conditions in the community.  Unfortunately, the flight company was not able to execute the flight before the trees leafed-out due to weather and schedule conflicts.  We still plan to have this work done, but it has been delayed until the late fall. 

Nonetheless, we are moving forward with the Municipal Storm Drain Project focusing on priority areas aided by traditional field surveying.  Postponement of the aerial survey will not drastically impact our overall schedule. 

Should you have any questions regarding the Municipal Storm Drain Project, please contact the Project Coordinator, Ms. Ellen Sands at 301-654-7300 or

Record High Groundwater Levels Affecting
Frequency of Sump Pump Activation

We have received many inquiries regarding why sump pumps have recently been running on a much greater frequency than ever experienced before. We consulted data produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) who monitor groundwater levels in the metropolitan area. Since August 2018, greater than average rainfall in our area has caused the local groundwater level (or “Water Table”) to rise closer to land surface than is considered within the “normal” historical range.  In fact, the February 2019 water table data indicated record-high elevations (above the previous record set in 1972). The water table is always highest in winter when plants are dormant and there is little or no evaporation during times of snow melts and/or rainfall. However, water-table elevations, and therefore sump pump activation, can be expected to decrease within about two months as Spring rainfalls come to an end. In the meantime, we recommend annual professional preventative sump pump maintenance to check the condition of the pump motor and clean the sump pit to prevent fouling of the pump intake.

To view the USGS monitoring well graphic data, an interactive clickable map of Maryland can be found at:

This greater than average rainfall has also impacted residents’ yards.  From flooded yards to the loss of private landscaping, all corners of the Village have been impacted by the increased rainfall. As residents seek to manage the water on their property, we remind you that many water remediation and management solutions require a Building Permit from the Village.  The Village’s permitting process typically includes review by the Village’s contracted civil engineer.  In order to issue a Building Permit, the Village Code states that the Village Manager must determine that the proposed work will not alter the existing or natural flow of water onto neighboring properties or into the public right-of-way.

For more information on the Village’s permitting requirements and process, please visit the Village website, call the Administrative Office or email

News Release with Montgomery County Seal about Earth Month
Montgomery County Earth Month Activities Continue Countywide in April

Pepco Giving Free Trees to Help Customers Save Energy 

Customers can reserve a free tree through the
Arbor Day Foundation beginning March 11th!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 11, 2019) – Pepco is giving away 1,000 free trees to residential customers through the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees program. This initiative helps customers conserve energy and reduce household energy use through strategic tree planting. For the ninth year, Pepco is stepping up to support this important environmental and energy saving program. Starting today, customers can reserve one free tree per household by visiting
"We value the strong and important relationships we’ve built and continue to cultivate with our communities across the District of Columbia and Maryland over the last 100 plus years," said Donna Cooper, Pepco region president. "While we are known for our commitment to providing clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy service to our customers, we also see it as our duty and obligation to give back to the communities that we are a part of and that we are privileged to serve. Seeing the outcomes of our continued contributions and volunteerism, with our outstanding nonprofit partners, is another reminder of our deep connection to our communities and the vested interest we have in their continued success."
Customers will have the ability to choose from a selection of trees, including Redbud, Crepe Myrtle, River Birch, Red Oak, Red Maple, most available in varying sizes.  
One-gallon trees will be delivered to customers’ homes between April and May. All three- and five gallon trees will be available for pickup only during company planned events in April. More information on these events can be found online during the reservation process.  
Through the “Right Tree, Right Place” tree planting program, Pepco is also offering 250 trees on a first-come, first-served basis to District of Columbia homeowners in partnership with Casey Trees, a D.C.-based nonprofit committed to restoring and protecting the nation's capital’s tree canopy.  District residents can request up to two trees by calling Casey Trees at 202-833-4010. Casey Trees will send out a professional arborist to evaluate the landscape and recommend a suitable tree for the area. Once the appropriate tree is chosen, Casey Trees will come to the home and plant the tree. For the consultation and planting valued at $400, a co-payment of $50 per tree payable to Casey Trees, is required prior to planting.
Through the Arbor Day Foundation’s website, customers also have the power to explore interactive tools, including a tool to help customers determine the best location on their property to plant their tree for energy savings benefits. Properly planted trees can provide a homeowner many benefits, such as reducing energy use through summer shading and by slowing winter winds. 
Throughout a tree’s growth period, trees have the potential to lower energy bills by 15 to 30 percent. Additionally, trees provide benefits to a community by improving air and water quality, reducing stormwater runoff, and adding to the visual appeal of a neighborhood. In fact, since 2012, Pepco customers have planted more than 17,650 trees, saving nearly 29 million kWh, and removing close to 363,584 lbs. of air pollutants from the atmosphere. 
Prior to receiving a tree, Pepco reminds customers to call 811 to have utility-owned underground lines marked before they start to dig. One free call to 811 connects you to Miss Utility, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of your intent to dig. Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a call to 811. 
Customers unable to reserve a free tree through the internet are encouraged to call 855-670-2772 to secure a tree.
To learn more, readers are encouraged to visit The Source, Pepco’s online news room. Find additional information about Pepco by visiting

Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at Our mobile app is available at

Beware of Mulch Volcanoes

As landscape crews begin spring garden cleanups, please be sure they do not create the infamous “mulch volcanoes” which cause damage to trees. 

Deciduous trees can benefit from the application of a 2-3” layer of mulch around the base of the tree. The mulch can help maintain moisture, reduce weed germination and protect trunks from lawn care equipment. Mulch materials can be shredded hardwood, pine bark, pine fines or compost. Unfortunately, over-zealous landscape crews frequently apply too much material and mound mulch against the trunk of the tree, hence the term “mulch volcanoes”. This is detrimental to the health of the tree and can cause serious decline. Remember not to pile the mulch around the stem of the tree.

Visit the following website for tree care tips, including an article detailing proper mulching technique:


Friends of Chevy Chase Circle

CORRECTED DATE - Saturday, May 4, 9am-12noon, “Help Trim the Azaleas on the Circle” event. Grab a hand clipper and come on out. Sponsored by the Friends of Chevy Chase Circle and Chevy Chase BSA Troop & Crew 255. 

Saturday, May 25, 8:30am-12noon, BSA Troop 255 will be inviting the community to help pull the invasive ivy that has spread amongst the rose bushes and the azalea. Bring trimmers and wear long sleeves. 

For any questions, please email:

Green and white logo with GCCC and rose in center

Garden Tour in Historic
Chevy Chase Village

Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (rain or shine) discover treasured gardens when the Chevy Chase Garden Tour, hosted by Garden Club of Chevy Chase, will feature for viewing eight private gardens in charming Chevy Chase Village.  Celebrated landscape designers and landscape architects will be in the gardens they designed to discuss design choices and plant selections.  Shop the Garden Boutique offering Myrtle topiaries, herbs, annuals and unique garden accessories for garden inspiration.
Visit to purchase tickets and for more information.  Advance purchase tickets online are $30 prior to May 18th.  Tickets are $40 day of the tour.  All tickets may be picked up or purchased on day of tour at One Quincy Street, Chevy Chase, where the tour begins.   Children 12 and under free.
Proceeds from this tour support the restoration of Chevy Chase Circle, improvements to Western Grove Park and other community projects.  Garden Club of Chevy Chase also supports the work of the Anacostia Riverkeepers and the National Arboretum.

How to Join the Village Listserv

The Chevy Chase Village Listserv through Yahoo! Groups was launched in 2006 as a forum for email communication from the Village to residents and as a forum for information sharing between residents.  In 2012, the Village created general and urgent email-blast systems through which official communications are disseminated from the Village government to residents and the we ceased using the listserv for this purpose.  The listserv remains in operation as a means of communication between residents.  Messages range from requests for vendor/contractor recommendations, to items for sale and upcoming events and activities of interest.
In March of 2012, the Village Board designated Tim Slagle of Kirkside Drive as the listserv’s moderator and officially turned the group over to the community. Tim has created an information website that provides instructions for subscribing to the listserv, guidelines that have been established for use of the listserv as well as a link to view previously posted messages.
The information website can be found at The moderator, Tim Slagle, can be contacted via email at

Spring 2019 Classes flyer with floral border

Chevy Chase at Home Classes March 20 to May 15

Please be a Considerate Owner/Handler at the
Brookville Road Dog Park

Image of Dog Barking at park

Village police have received calls from residents living near the Brookville Dog Park of incessantly barking dogs.  According to park rules (and Village Code), users of the dog park are required to attend to their dogs to prevent their dogs from continuously or uncontrollably barking.  If a dog continues to bark, the owner/handler must remove the dog from the park.  An occasional bark is expected, but constant barking is disturbing to other park users as well as the surrounding neighbors.
Police officers have been stopping by the park proactively to talk with visitors to make them aware of this rule.  If you bring a dog to the park, please be considerate and calm your dog right away if it begins to bark. 
To view the full listing of rules and regulations that apply in the park, click here:

Compost Crew Image

Join the Crew; The Compost Crew

Food-waste recycling--otherwise known as “composting” is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions while returning nutrients to our soil and food system. 

The Village has partnered with The Compost Crew to provide low-cost household collection of food-waste. The Compost Crew provides each household with an airtight bin and compostable bags; all you have to do is separate your organic waste and leave the bin by your trash and recycling receptacles for collection on the designated day for weekly pick-up. The collected waste is processed at a composting facility in Maryland and, after six months of service, households can request that a portion of your contributed waste be returned in the form of rich, finished nutrient-rich soil. 

For more information regarding the household composting collection service, including current rates, please visit the “Food Waste Recycling Program” page on the Village website under Quick Links on the homepage. The more households that sign-up,the cheaper the service is for all, so sign up today!

Are You Prepared?

As we have experienced during various seasonal events, it is important to be prepared for local weather emergencies. In order the assist residents in their preparedness, the Village in partnership with the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS) offer a number of helpful tools, plans and free alerts to assist and keep you informed.


Village Website and Blast Email System – Have you signed up for the Village’s blast email system? This is the Village's primary method of communication with residents. The Village has 2 email lists you can sign-up for:

Urgent News Alert – include messages such as criminal activity, neighborhood disruptions such as water main breaks, power outages and road closures and major weather events.

General News Alerts – include messages about Board and committee meetings, community events, changes in public services such as refuse/recycling collection schedules and upcoming road closures.

To sign-up for the blast email system visit the Village website at and click on the tablet icon at the top of the Village’s homepage.

Alert Montgomery – Alert Montgomery is the official emergency communications service for Montgomery County, MD. During major crisis, emergency or severe weather events, Montgomery County will send event updates, warnings and instructions directly to you on any of your devices. To sign-up for Alert Montgomery please visit the OEMHS website and click on the “Alert Montgomery” link at the top of the page.


Family and Community Preparedness Information – Emergencies can take many forms and occur with or without warning. By taking a few simple steps now, you can ensure that you, your family and your community are better prepared to handle emergencies. To assist in your family planning, please visit the Village’s emergency preparedness page, for helpful tools and links. Another important tool the Village has created to assist you in your preparedness efforts is our House Check Program. Always request a House Check when you are leaving town and ensure that your emergency contacts are up to date with the Village office.


For additional information please visit the Village’s website at and click on the “Are you prepared? – Emergency Preparedness Tips” link listed in the Quick Links on the homepage.

Emergency Contact Sheet

Chevy Chase Village Police 
Non Emergency/24hrs - 301-654-7300

Montgomery County Police 
Non Emergency/24hrs - 301-279-8000

Bethesda - Chevy Chase Rescue Squad - 301-652-0077

Chevy Chase Fire Dept
(Opposite Columbia Country Club) - 240-773-4707

Bethesda Fire Dept
(Wisconsin Ave and Bradley Blvd) - 240-773-4706

National Capital Poison Center
(George Washington University Hospital) - 800-222-1222


Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

Emergency-Live wires down, power failure - 877-737-2662

Customer Service - 202-833-7500

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission


Emergency - 301-206-4002

Complaints, Leaks, Information - 301-206-4001

Washington Gas


Emergency - 703-750-1400

Information & Customer Service - 703-750-1000

Comcast - 800-934-6489

Verizon - 800-837-4966

**A cut out sheet is also located on page two of the January 2019 Crier.

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