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Status of Village Leaf Collection Operations

The Village’s yearly leaf collection operations are continuing, although collection has been slowed due to various factors.  As always, the Village is currently operating two leaf collection trucks with three-person crews assigned to each.  Crews begin collection around 8:00 each weekday morning and continue through 3:30 each afternoon. 
Collection has been impacted by weather conditions, which allowed most trees to hang onto their leaves for longer than normal, followed by windy days that took leaves down quickly.  Throughout the Village, landscape crews and residents have been working diligently to bring the quickly dropped leaves to the curb for collection.
Additionally, the route to the nearest Montgomery County operated leaf disposal site has been closed for Purple Line construction, and the detours are not accessible by large vehicles.  As a result, the round trip route to dump leaves has increased from 25 minutes to over an hour.  This has severely impacted how many streets can be picked up in a single day as each truck is out of the Village for a minimum of two hours a day disposing of leaves. 
Lastly, as we reported a few weeks ago the Village’s yard waste collection truck has been in the shop for repairs and yard waste collection has been halted so crews could focus on leaf collection.  With limited right-of-way space, many of the leaf piles have been placed on top of yard waste piles.  This further slows collection.
Here are some reminders for ways that residents can assist crews as we work to get through this challenging leaf collection season:

  • Leaves are never permitted to be placed in the roadway.  Leaves must be placed as close to the curb as possible without putting them in the roadway gutter. Please inform your landscape crews of this requirement. Should it rain, leaves piled in the gutter will dam the water causing it to pond.
  • Avoid boxing in piles of leaves between cars both for easier accessibility for the collection crews and safety for your vehicles.  The crews have been authorized not to attempt to make contact with the owners of vehicles that are blocking leaf piles until the collection is brought back on schedule.
  • Residents on Bradley Lane are required to bag their leaves before placing them at the roadside. If you bag your leaves, they must be placed in paper bags. Public Works will not pick up leaves that have been bagged in plastic.
  • Sticks and other sharp tree and garden debris should be left loose and placed in separate piles from leaves. Sharp debris can tear the leaf collection hoses or dull the blades, resulting in downtime for the machine to allow for repairs to the vacuum machinery that can cause delays in the schedule.
  • We cannot respond to individual requests for collection.

Thank you for your patience as we manage through this year’s leaf collection.  Crews will work an extended day on Wednesday, November 21 in an effort to collect as much as possible prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Leaves at the Curb
Leaves in the Street

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