Reminders and Updates Regarding Today’s Wind Storm

The wind is blowing fiercely here in Chevy Chase Village, and Public Works crews are ready to respond to reports of tree damage in public rights-of-way and roadways. Please report any fallen trees or large limbs that have fallen into and/or are blocking public sidewalks or roadways to our 24-hour Communications Center at 301-654-7300.

Currently, both directions of Brookville Road between East Kirke Street and Western Avenue is closed due to a fallen tree. This is the only known road closure at this time.

There are currently no reports of power outages in the Village, however, residents are reminded to report outages directly and promptly to PEPCO at 877-737-2662 as well as notifying the Village at 301-654-7300. Never touch or approach downed wires. If power is lost, the Village Hall is available to serve as a charging station and to refrigerate medications.

Village Tree Removal Permits are not required for the emergency removal of fallen branches or trees, HOWEVER, State law requires homeowners to use a licensed tree expert. A short list of licensed tree experts who have worked in the Village follows (these are not recommendations and they are listed in no particular order; residents are encouraged to seek recommendations from neighbors):

Adirondack Tree Service 301-595-2827
S&P Tree Care 301-251-0505
Takoma Tree Experts 301-681-5800
Pogo Tree Expert 301-774-2968
Mulheron Tree Experts 301-942-6700
Wood Acres Tree Specialists 301-949-4100
Chapingo Tree Care Specialists 301-760-7042
Nelson Tree Specialists 301-854-2218

Stay safe!

Shana R. Davis-Cook
Manager, Chevy Chase Village

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