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Meeting Called to Order

Mr. Michael L. Denger

Approval of Minutes from the Previous Board of Managers’ Meeting

Regular Monthly Meeting - September 11, 2017

Special Permit & Variance Requests

A-7219: Ms. Wendy Wick Reaves & Mr. John Daniel Reaves, 13 Oxford Street
Construct a parking pad behind the house> The proposed parking pad would measure a maximum of nineteen (19) feet in width on private property.

A-7220: Ms. Sara Martinez & Mr. Rodrigo Martinez, 110 Primrose Street
Install a fence along the south property line abutting the paved edge of the alley including:
a) a segment of  fence including one gate measuring six (6) feet in height commencing at the east end of the existing retaining wall and extending a distance of fifty (50) feet in length; and
b) a segment of fence measuring four (4) feet in height commencing at the point where segment (a) above terminates and extending east for forty-five (45) feet in length terminating at the existing fence in the Primrose Street public right-of-way.

Treasurer's Report

Mr. Gary Crockett, Board Treasurer

Matters Presented for Board Consideration and Possible Action

Public Hearing:
  • Speed Hump Request:  Request for one (1) speed hump in the 100 block of Grafton Street located between Kirkside Drive and Wisconsin Avenue

Agreement Authorization Request:
  • Deed of Dedication and Agreement Regarding Land Use with the Chevy Chase Land Company for a portion of the Montgomery Street public right-of-way (located west of the Buffer Area)

Commission & Committee Matters

Financial Review Committee
  • Presentation of the draft audited financial statements for FY2017 prepared by the independent auditing firm Lindsey & Associates, LLC
Mr. Louis MOrsberger, Financial Review Committee Chair
Mr. Robert Diss, CPA, Vice President, Lindsey & Associates, LLC

Police Report

Mr. John M. Fitzgerald, Police Chief

Next Regular Board of Managers’ Meeting

The Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers' next meeting is on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Please note:  To reduce costs, copies of supporting materials for matters on this agenda are not provided at the meeting.  If you would like to review materials related to matters discussed at this meeting, you are encouraged to visit the Village’s website at by clicking on “Board of Managers Meetings” under “Quick Links” on the homepage.