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Board of Managers


Meeting Called to Order

Mr. Michael L. Denger

Approval of Minutes from the Previous Board of Managers' Meetings

Regular Monthly Meeting - July 10, 2017
Special Meeting - August 16, 2017

Consent Agenda- Tree Removal Consent Agreement

Case A-2339: Ms. Allison Ottenbreit, representative for All Saints Church, 3 Chevy Chase Circle:
Removal of two (2) River Birch trees to accommodate a playground

Treasurer's Report

Mr. Gary Crockett, Board Treasurer

Matters Presented for Board Discussion and Possible Action

Montgomery County Proposed ZTA and Regulations: Short-Term Residential Rentals

Staff Update RE: Organic Turf Maintenance in Public Spaces

Commission & Committee Matters

Financial Review Committee
Consideration and possible action on a proposal to reduce the committee from 5 to 3 members as resignations occur.
Personnel Commission
Board reappointment of Orrin Baird (Oliver Street) as a member to serve a 3-year term and as Chair to serve a one-year term


Police Report

Mr. Adventino Dasilva, Police Lieutenant

Next Regular Board of Managers’ Meeting

The Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers' next meeting is on Monday, October 9, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Please note:  To reduce costs, copies of supporting materials for matters on this agenda are not provided at the meeting.  If you would like to review materials related to matters discussed at this meeting, you are encouraged to visit the Village’s website at by clicking on “Board of Managers Meetings” under “Quick Links” on the homepage.