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Board of Managers


Meeting Called to Order

Mr. Michael L. Denger

Approval of Minutes from the Previous Board of Managers' Meetings

Regular Monthly Meeting April 10, 2017


Case A-7137 Variance Request: Mr. Louis John Morsberger and Ms. Nancy Cicero Morsberger, 5610 Cedar Parkway: Maintain an air conditioner which was installed and encroaches two (2) feet into the required seven (7) foot side (north) yard setback.
  1. CASE A-7137.pdf

Treasurer's Report

Mr. Gary Crockett, Board Treasurer


@7:45 p.m. Second of Two Public Hearings – Open for Public Comment

  • Proposed Concept Plan and Policy for the Brookville Road Park
  • Proposed Amendments to the Village’s Speed Hump Policy

Matter Presented for Board Consideration

Amendments to the Village's Speed Hump Policy

Introduction of Resolution No. 04-01-17: An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 24, "Procurement and Disposition"

Purchase Authorization Requests:
  • Replacement Pick-Up Truck for use by the Public Works Department
  • Replacement Dump Truck for use by the Public Works Department


Commission & Committee Matters

Building Facilities Commission
  • Board appointment of Susan Dixon (Montgomery Street) as a Co-Chair

Tree Ordinance Board
  • Board appointment of Laura Billings (Kirkside Drive) as a member to serve a three-year term and Board designation of Ms. Billings to serve as Chair
  • Board appointment of Susan Kirby (East Lenox Street) as an alternate member to serve a two-year term


Police Report

Mr. John M. Fitzgerald, Police Chief

  • Informational Item: Resident's Concern Regarding Cut-Through Traffic on Oliver and Grove Street