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Board of Managers



Mr. Michael L. Denger
Board Chair

Approval of Minutes: 102nd Annual Meeting Held On April 18, 2016


State of the Village

Mr. Michael L. Denger
Board Chair

Report from the Village Manager

Ms. Shana R. Davis-Cook
Village Manager

Report from Village Counsel

Ms. Suellen Ferguson
Village Counsel

Report on Public Safety

Mr. John M. Fitzgerald
Chief of Police

Budget Overview

Mr. Gary Crockett
Board Treasurer

Board Action on Budget Adoption and Tax Levy Ordinance

Resolution No. 04-02-17:  An Ordinance to adopt the fiscal year 2018 budget and to levy a tax on certain real and personal property under the provisions of Section 6-203 of the Tax-Property Article of the Annotated Code Of Maryland, as amended.

Commission and Committee Reports

Board-Appointment Commissions and Committee Reports
  • Community Relations Committee - Ms. Karen Spangler, Member, and Mr. Michael Marsh, Chair
  • Ethics Commission - Mr. Scot McCulloch, Member
  • Financial Review Committee - Ms. Gail Feldman, Member
  • Public Safety Committee - Mr. Saul B. Goodman, Chair
  • Traffic Committee - Mr. Porter Wheeler, Chair
Ad Hoc or Single Purpose Committees
  • Local Advisory Panel to the Historic Preservation Commission - Mr. Thomas K. Bourke, Chair
  • Western Grove Park Friends Group - Ms. Meredith Wellington, Chair
Open Membership Committees
  • Environment & Energy Committee - Dr. Marilyn Bracken, Co-Chair
  • Parks & Greenspaces Committee - Ms. Susan Kilborn, Co-Chair, and Ms. Margo Kingston, Co-Chair
  • Committee for Seniors - Ms. Betty O'Connor, Chair
Election Supervisors Report

Public Discussion Period