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Board of Managers

Meeting Called to Order
Mr. Michael L. Denger, Chair
Approval of Minutes from the Previous Board of Managers' Meetings
Regular Monthly Meeting - January 9, 2017
Treasurer's Report
Mr. Gary Crockett, Board Treasurer
Matters Presented for Board Consideration
  • Resolution No. 02-01-17 - FY2017 Budget Amendment No.1: An Ordinance to amend the fiscal year 2017 budget to increase revenue and expenditures to reflect reimbursement for utility construction work performed in the Village in a new revenue line item for “Washington Gas Revenue”; to create a new Capital Projects line item for “Website Redesign”, and to transfer $12,900 from general fund reserves to fund the expenditure.
  • Resolution No. 02-02-17:  An order to adopt traffic and parking controls as authorized by Chapter 13 “Traffic Control Generally”, Sec. 13-9. “Restrictions on Parking near Public Buildings or Facilities”
  • Contract Extension Authorizations:
- Audit Contract Extension (second of two extension options): Lindsey & Associates, LLC
- Tree Maintenance Services Contract Extension (second of two contract extension
   options): The Care of Trees, Inc.
  • Board Consideration and Possible Approval: Washington Gas Paving Restoration Memorandum of Understanding (Work Performed Along Bradley Lane)
New Business
Board Discussion Regarding the Village's Speed Hump Policy
Mr. Gary Crockett, Board Treasurer
Committee Matters
Community Relations Committee
  • Board Appointment of Michael Marsh (Grafton Street) as Chair to complete the remaining term of Karen Spangler who resigned
  • Board Appointment of Lance Patterson (Grafton Street) as Vice Chair
  • Board Review of Committee Scope of Work
Election Supervisors
  • Board Appointment of Paul Broderick (Grove Street) as a member to complete the remaining term of Norm Asher who resigned; term ending July 2019
  • Board Appointment of Marie Cerletty (East Lenox Street) as an alternate member
Police Report
Mr. John M. Fitzgerald, Police Chief
Manager's Report
Manager's Report
  • Building and Tree Permits and Code Enforcement Report
  • Capital and Infrastructure Upgrade Projects Report
  • Village Hall Activity Report
  • Legal Counsel Report