Proposed FY2019 Budget & CIP

FY2019 Budget Process

The Village Board of Managers will hold its Budget Work Session on Wednesday, February 28.

  • Following the Board’s Budget Work Session on Wednesday, February 28, I will make requested modifications to the budget and circulate the amended draft to the Board in advance of the Public Hearing. 
  • The Board will hold a Public Hearing on the draft budget at your regular meeting on Monday, March 12, followed by a second Public Hearing on the budget during your Monday, April 9 regular meeting. 
  • An explanatory memo regarding the budget will be drafted by Board Treasurer Mr. Gary Crockett and included in the April issue of The Crier.
  • The Board will adopt the FY2019 operating and capital budget during the Village’s Annual Meeting on Monday, April 16.
  1. Shana Davis-Cook

    Village Manager

  2. Demetri Protos

    Finance Director
    Phone: (301) 654-7300