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Monday, December 9, 2019

Alert Village Officer Interrupts Thief in the Act
Man arrested inside a resident's car

            On Friday, December 6, 2019 at about 11:50 p.m., Officer Drew Fones was on patrol on W. Kirke Street between Magnolia Parkway and Connecticut Avenue when he noticed an open car door and movement inside the dark interior of the car.  As Officer Fones drove closer to the parked car, the occupant of the car quickly closed the driver’s door.  Officer Fones was able to detect that the lone occupant, a tall black male, was desperately trying to recline the driver’s seat in an apparent attempt to hide from the approaching officer.

            Being familiar with the neighborhood, Officer Fones knew the owner of the car and he instantly knew that the occupant was not the owner. Officer Fones pulled alongside the car and greeted the occupant and asked him if the car belonged to him.  The man told Officer Fones that the car belonged to a friend, and that the man was in the car to smoke a marijuana cigarette.  Officer Fones noticed that a bicycle was laying on its side immediately behind the car, so he asked the man if the bicycle was his.  The man refused to answer any more questions.  Fones radioed for assistance, and Village Officers Davor Hrnjak and Alex Jenkins quickly arrived.

            Once backup officers were able to detain the suspect, Officer Fones knocked on the owner’s front door and verified that no one should be inside his car.  The man, later identified as 31 year-old Joshua Hernandez of no fixed address, was arrested, transported to the Central Processing Unit in Rockville, and charged with attempt theft and burglary of a motor vehicle. 

Although the car’s owner determined that nothing was stolen from his car—thanks to Officer Fones’ quick actions—a search of Hernandez’ person and belongings revealed a treasure trove of items that were likely stolen from elsewhere.

Excellent, heads-up police work by the midnight team!

Residents are urged to help their neighbors and themselves by locking their cars every time they park.  Doing so will remove opportunities from these petty thieves and make them look elsewhere.