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Monday, December 30, 2019

Burglary on W. Lenox Street on Friday Night
Resident returned home to discover that someone had been inside and stolen items

A resident of W. Lenox Street was out for the evening on Friday, December 27, 2019. When she returned home, she noticed that her rear sliding door was slightly ajar. As she moved through the house, she noticed that things were out of place. She quickly left and called the Village Police from the safety of a neighbor’s home.

Officer Willie Hearn from the Village Police Department arrived in just a couple of minutes and met with the resident. Officer Hearn searched the house to make sure that it was empty. Although there was no evidence of a forced entry, the resident informed the officer that the rear sliding door was likely left unlocked. After the officer made sure it was safe to do so, he walked through the home with the resident, and she noted that some items of value had been taken from the house.

Officer Hearn was assisted on the scene by a Montgomery County Police patrol sergeant. While still on the scene, the officers called a County Police detective to notify him of the burglary; he will be conducting the follow-up investigation.

Residents are urged to do the following to reduce the chances of their home being burglarized:

  • Lock all doors and windows,
  • Set alarm systems,
  • Place outside lights on (timers are recommended),
  • Install security cameras at the front and rear of your home,
  • Request a house check if you will be away for more than 24 hours, and
  • Call the police immediately if you see or hear something that strikes you as suspicious.