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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Village Officer Interrupts Nighttime Thieves
Alert patrol officer surprises two carloads of thieves; they flee

On Monday (March 30, 2020) at about 4:00 a.m., Officer Drew Fones was on patrol in the Village when he turned from Cedar Parkway onto westbound Grafton Street (toward Kirkside Drive). As soon as he made the turn, he saw two cars stopped on Grafton near Kirkside with their headlights on; one car was facing west, and the other was facing east.

As soon as Officer Fones saw the two cars, the drivers of the cars apparently saw him, because both cars sped off toward Kirkside then headed south toward Western Avenue. By the time Officer Fones reached Kirkside Drive, he saw the cars running the stop signs on Kirkside, then turn right onto Western Avenue in DC. The cars were obviously in a big hurry to get away.

Officer Fones returned to the middle block of Grafton to look for evidence of theft. Officer Fones spotted an unoccupied parked car with its interior light on. Investigation revealed that the thieves had entered the unlocked car, but had not taken anything.

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, a second resident of the middle block of Grafton reported that someone entered his unlocked pickup truck; the only item missing was a small multi-tool. This resident has a video security system which captured the thieves entering his truck early on Monday morning; these were apparently the same thieves that fled from Officer Fones.

Officer Fones did a good job proactively patrolling to prevent theft. He undoubtedly interrupted a group of thieves and stopped them before they entered more cars.

Residents are urged to lock their cars every time they park, and to remove all valuables. By denying thieves of easy opportunities, they are less likely to return.


The links below are videos from incidents in nearby Bethesda from November, 2019. Although not related to the events of last Friday in the Village, these videos will illustrate how these thieves operate, and they will make it clear how important it is to lock your car.