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Monday, April 8, 2019

6 Bicycles Stolen Since March 1
Thieves are entering unlocked garages looking for bikes

Since March 1, 2019, thieves have stolen 6 bicycles from Village residents.  All of the bikes were either in unlocked or wide open garages, or on porches.

This is the time of year when bicycle theft increases.  You can help us prevent this crime by doing a few important and simple things:

  • Keep all bicycles in a secure location.  Keep them inside and out of sight.  If you store bikes in your garage, lock the garage day and night—even when you are home.  An unlocked garage is a prime target of these thieves, and they’ve entered garages virtually unnoticed even when residents have been at home.  If you cannot store your bicycles inside, then lock them to an immovable object.
  • Write down the serial number from every bicycle.  Without a serial number, we cannot identify your bicycle, we likely will not be able to arrest a suspected thief found on your bike, and police will not be able to return your bicycle to you if/when it is found.  To make it easy for you, the Village Police Department will register your bicycle for you for free.  We will record the serial number and description of your bike and apply a sticker to the frame.  
  • If your bike is stolen, please report it to us right away.
  • Leave your exterior lights on all night long, and call the Village Police Department whenever you see or hear anyone that arouses your suspicions.