Stormwater Management & Watershed Restoration

The recent Stormwater Management Information Meeting, led by representatives from the State and County rainwater management programs, proved to be an interesting and informative event and was well attended by residents and even representatives from one our neighboring jurisdictions. Here are a few items of interest provided at the meeting:

  • Chevy Chase Village is part of both the Little Falls Watershed (on the west side of the Village) and the Rock Creek Watershed (for properties on the east side of the Village); both are tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay. Any material entering a storm drain is deposited, untreated, directly into these waterways;
  • Overall yearly rainfall is not increasing significantly, but precipitation events (both rain and snow) are becoming more intense;
  • Some stormwater problems can best be addressed by neighbors working together. Water does not respect property lines and it will always seek the lowest grade;
  • You can receive rebates up to $2,500/property for projects intended to improve stormwater management;
  • Proper siting and grading; the installation of rain barrels, dry wells and rain gardens; and the use of environmentally friendly materials are examples of items which may be eligible for the rebates;
  • By making an application to the RainScapes program you can obtain an individualized evaluation of your property and have a plan developed for your property-all at no cost to you. A representative from the RainScapes program will assist you in completing the application and you pay only for the elements of the design you choose to implement, either through your own effort or that of a contractor of your choosing. The program also maintains a list of contractors who have received training from the County.


Special thanks to Village Permitting and Code Enforcement Coordinator Ms. Ellen Sands for organizing this informational presentation. We also thank Ms. Amanda Rockler, of the University Of Maryland Extension Service and the Sea Grant Watershed Project, and Ms. Pamela Rowe, of the Montgomery County RainScapes program, who led the presentation followed by a lively question and answer session. They addressed the unique characteristics and challenges of building in Chevy Chase Village and provided encouragement for participation in the County's RainScapes program.

View the PowerPoint presentation (PDF). We also have a limited number of the handouts provided at the meeting available at the Village Hall.


In conclusion, please be aware that, per our Village building regulations, any activity which alters the flow of stormwater on your property may require a Village Building Permit-even if no County Building Permit is necessary. We urge you to start your design development with a call to the Village Hall. Permitting and Code Enforcement Coordinator Ellen Sands will be happy to assist you. She can be reached at 301-654-7300 or by email.