Village-wide Signage Improvement Project


The Signs are Everywhere! Board Resolution Improves Signage Throughout the Village

During this past autumn, the Village Police Department conducted a comprehensive inventory and evaluation of all official signage throughout the community. The inventory resulted in multiple recommendations which included the removal of unnecessary signs, the cleaning or replacement of dirty or damaged signs, and the placement of new signs at several specific locations.

After receiving recommendations from the Traffic Committee and following a two-month public comment period, the Board adopted the majority of the staff's recommendations. Some of the changes that residents will see include the following:

  • Dirty signs have been power washed
  • Faded signs have been replaced
  • Bent sign poles have been straightened or replaced
  • Obstructions have been removed from several signs
  • Unnecessary "Neighborhood Watch" and "Traffic Laws are Photo Enforced" signs have been removed
  • "No Parking" signs have been added to strategic locations near stop signs to keep intersections open
  • Speed hump signs will be uniformly placed adjacent to the humps