Village Hall Rentals and Activities

The Chevy Chase Village Hall is situated in the center of Chevy Chase Village. Residents are invited to use the rooms for private occasions and also to join other Village residents at Village-sponsored events. The Hall is not available for commercial use, however, it does serve as the focal point for the community, and is available to enrich the civic, cultural, and social life of local residents.

Village residents may use the public rooms in the Village Hall for nonprofit or charitable activities. Activities include social gatherings, wedding receptions, recreational activities, club meetings and educational events. Please note that although the needs of the Board of Managers and of the Village staff to conduct Village business shall be given priority for the use of the public rooms, every effort will be made to accommodate previously scheduled events.

The public rooms in the Village Hall are the Arthur Lambert Room (Lambert Room), which faces Connecticut Avenue on the east side of the building and the Leonard Humphrey Hall (Humphrey Hall) located in the interior of the building facing the Laurel Parkway entrance. The Mary Anne Tuohey Conference Room (Tuohey Room) is located just off of the Reception Area and is adjacent to the Lambert Room and is available for meetings, smaller parties or as additional space for larger events. The reception area provides ingress and egress to and from these rooms and to the staff offices.

Before attempting to request a reservation, please confirm that the applicant is a Chevy Chase Village resident.Click here to see a map of Chevy Chase Village if you are uncertain.

  1. Aurelio Baca-Asher

    Permitting & Code Enforcement Coordinator

For more information on renting the Village Hall, after confirming that the applicant is a Chevy Chase Village resident, email the Village Office at or call 301-654-7300.