Village Committees

The Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers is committed to meaningful and wide-spread participation of Village residents in the governance of our community. Committees of residents serve as advisors to the Board.

They provide a critical interface between the residents and the Board by generating a wealth of ideas, research and analysis for the policy initiatives that underlie good governance.The Board relies on the support of two types of committees; standing committees and ad hoc or single purpose committees.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees oversee the broad categories of Village governance, policy and resident enrichment.

ad hoc or Single Purpose Committees

Ad hoc or Single Purpose Committees are dedicated to meeting a single, Board-referred objective and are of limited duration. The Board assignment defines the work of the committee and indicates whether the Board seeks advice whether to address a problem or issue facing the Village or advice on how to resolve a problem or issue.

Committee Guidelines

To strengthen the role of Village committees and to ensure that their work is transparent and a model of democratic practice, the Board has adopted guidelines (PDF) for Village committees (adopted January 2012).

All Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board of Managers. If you would like to join a committee, please click on the corresponding committee's link for that committee's specific membership information. For additional information regarding these Committees, please contact the Chevy Chase Village Office.

View the Committee pages for more information including their Scope of Work, Current Membership and Meeting Agendas and Minutes.