PEPCO & Streetlights

Beginning on Wednesday, November 2 and lasting the next eight (8) weeks, PEPCO representatives their tree pruning operations on the below listed streets and on private property. This tree pruning continues efforts began five years ago in response to mandates from the Maryland Public Service Commission to all Maryland utilities regarding vegetation management and system upgrades.

In response to recent criticism for poor performance, the Maryland Public Service Commission has mandated that PEPCO conduct thorough reliability upgrades. This effort will include aggressive, but responsible, tree pruning around the power lines. Village staff along with the Village’s contracted consulting arborist, Tolbert Feather, Ph.D., has been meeting with PEPCO representatives to review PEPCO’s tree pruning plans. While past pruning efforts from PEPCO have resulted in resident concerns about the resulting aesthetic of the Village’s tree canopy, through our meetings with PEPCO we have been able to focus pruning operations to a strategic and minimalist—rather than blanket–approach which has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Feather. Throughout this cycle of tree pruning, both Village staff and Dr. Feather will continue to oversee the tree pruning operations.

Over the next few weeks PEPCO representatives will be conducting their tree pruning operations on the below listed streets. When PEPCO conducts pruning on privately-owned trees they are required to notify the resident of their intentions. When PEPCO is planning to remove trees they are required to receive written sign-off from the respective homeowners. If you are contacted by PEPCO because they wish to conduct tree pruning and/or removal operations on your property you have the right to request additional information on the requested pruning and/or removal. As a homeowner you also have the right to refuse PEPCO crews access to your property.

PEPCO’s scope of work for these improvements may include tree trimming along the following streets and in rear yards where high voltage power lines exist:

  • Cedar Parkway
  • West Irving Street (between Cedar and Magnolia Parkways)
  • Hesketh Street (between Cedar and Magnolia Parkways)
  • Grafton Street (between Chevy Chase Circle and Cedar Pkwy.)
  • Oliver Street
  • Grove Street
  • Center Street
  • Montgomery Street
  • Park Street
  • Belmont Avenue
  • Kirkside Drive
Tree limbs will be pruned to a minimum distance of 4-years of tree growth, based on the species of the particular tree being pruned and its expected growth rate. Trees may be pruned between two feet (2’) and seven feet (7’) from the power lines. PEPCO plans to trim both private and public trees in the above listed areas. If PEPCO is going to conduct tree pruning on private property a door hanger from PEPCO will be left on your door outlining the extent of the pruning scheduled along with a business card for a PEPCO representative.

Should you have any questions regarding PEPCO’s tree pruning, please do not hesitate to contact the Village office at (301) 654-7300 or via e-mail at

Status Update: Streetlight Improvements Board Opts Not to Pursue Village-wide LED Fixtures

At the November 10 regular meeting of the Village's Board of Managers, staff presented a comprehensive report on the status of the Village's light emitting diode (LED) streetlight pilot program and recommendations for potential upgrades to the Village's street lighting. The report included a synopsis of the feedback received from residents on the sample LED streetlights installed along various streets throughout the community in a pilot program begun earlier this year.

Following the staff's presentation and a further discussion, the Board concluded that the lighting provided by the LED fixtures did not warrant the estimated cost - approximately $290,000 - for conversion of all existing streetlights from the existing high pressure sodium to LED fixtures. The Board agreed, however, to continue the following efforts to improve lighting throughout the community:
  • Maintain the current LED streetlights which where installed, in order to continue evaluating their reliability and impact on the neighborhood.
  • Continue to actively solicit feedback from residents to determine remaining locations that appear to be "dark spots". These areas will be evaluated for the placement of new streetlights either on existing or new utility poles.
  • Proactive monitoring by Village staff to identify remaining "dark spot" locations to determine where new streetlights could be installed to improve overall lighting.
  • Continued routine tree pruning around streetlights to improve the light dispersion that reaches the ground.
  • Recommendations on additional streetlights will be presented for approval by the Board on a case-by-case basis.
Residents are strongly encouraged to report "dark spot" locations to Village staff by email.

Pilot Program

In a continuing effort to improve the street lighting along Village streets and rights-of-way, the Village Board has authorized installation of light emitting diode (LED) streetlights as part of a Village pilot program to test the light output of this new technology.

Recently, sample LED streetlights have been installed along East Lenox Street, Grafton Street (between Cedar Parkway and Kirkside Drive), and West Kirke Street. In addition, the streetlights lens covers have also been changed along Grafton Street between Chevy Chase Circle and Cedar Parkway. In order to evaluate this new technology several different types/styles of LED lights were installed in hopes of providing the best available solution to improve the Village's overall lighting.

A map showing the exact locations for these sample lights (PDF) can be viewed.

In order to provide your feedback, please click here to complete the survey form. The feedback you provide is critical in evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of this lighting within the community. Feedback can also be submitted by email. Please type "LED Pilot Program" in the subject line.

We thank you for your patience as we undertake this project to make the Village a safer community for all. Should you have questions regarding this pilot program, please contact the Village's Director of Municipal Operations Michael Younes, by phone at 301-654-7300 or via email.

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