Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Signal

Pedestrian Crossing Beacon Activated on Connecticut Avenue---Pedestrians Should cross with Caution

The new pedestrian crosswalk and flashing warning beacons are now active on Connecticut Avenue at West Lenox Street. Pedestrians must CROSS WITH CAUTION as this is NOT A FULLY ACTUATED SIGNAL, therefore, THERE IS NO RED LIGHT that will signal drivers along Connecticut Avenue to stop.

When using the crosswalk, please remember the following:
  • Press the button to activate the yellow flashing beacons.
  • An audible message will play alerting you that the flashing beacons have been activated (please remove earbuds and headphones so you can hear this message) and will continue for the duration of the flashers’ activation: “Yellow flashers activated for Connecticut; cross with caution”.
  • TRAFFIC IS NOT REQUIRED TO STOP unless a pedestrian is within the crosswalk.
  • The flashing beacons may stop flashing before you are able to completely cross Connecticut Avenue. The beacons are programmed to flash for 32 seconds, which may not provide sufficient time for pedestrians to wait until it is safe to cross and safely do so.
Village Police will be out periodically to enforce driver compliance with the new crosswalk. Residents are reminded that it will take some time for drivers to become acclimated to the new configuration and so it is abundantly important that pedestrians use the new crosswalk with utmost care and caution.

The Village office is currently working with the State Highway Administration to erect additional signage to warn pedestrians that drivers are not required to stop unless a pedestrian is present in the crosswalk.

Should you have any questions regarding the new crosswalk and flashing warning beacons, please contact the Village Communications Center at 301-654-7300.

State Highway Administration to Install a Pedestrian Crossing on Connecticut Avenue at Lenox Street

After many years of discussions, next week the State Highway Administration (SHA) will begin to install a pedestrian-activated warning signal and a painted crosswalk across Connecticut Avenue just south of its intersection with Lenox Street (at the north end of the Village Hall). Although this signal fails to provide the fully-actuated traffic signal that Village officials have requested (and we continue to urge SHA officials to reconsider), installation of this signal does provide a clear location for pedestrians to cross the avenue and it will provide a basis for further analysis by SHA for warranting a fully-actuated signal. The project includes installation of conduit connected to the traffic signal at Bradley Lane, which would allow for future reconfiguration to a full traffic signal.

In the interim, we are grateful that SHA has seen the need for safe access across Connecticut Avenue within the Village. Please see the following notice for more information regarding the construction project, which is expected to last approximately 6 weeks:

Chevy Chase Village Continues Efforts for a Pedestrian Signal On Connecticut Avenue at West Lenox Street

In March, then-Chair of the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers, Ms. Patricia Baptiste, appointed an ad hoc Pedestrian Safety Committee to continue efforts to obtain a pedestrian-activated traffic signal to allow pedestrians to cross Connecticut Avenue at Lenox Street. The signal must be approved by the State Highway Administration, which has denied the request stating that the area currently lacks the minimum number of pedestrians seeking to cross the avenue in accordance with thresholds that the State uses to determine if a signal is warranted. Although the Village has argued that residents of and visitors to the area are not attempting to cross given the current unsafe conditions, but would undoubtedly seek to cross if there was a safe way to do so, the State continues to point to the failure to meet the warrants as insufficient basis to proceed with the installation of a signal.

In July, the ad hoc Pedestrian Safety Committee sent a letter to the State Highway Administrator, Ms. Melinda Peters, reaffirming the Village's request, and reiterating the unique factors that exist along this corridor that should serve as the basis for the State's approval of our request. Please visit the Village website to view the community's letter to Ms. Peters and for any further updated communication between the Village and the State Highway Administration.

Board Action

As many residents know it is very difficult to travel on foot between the east and west sides of the Village. This issue is exacerbated for residents east of Connecticut Avenue traveling who want to visit the Village Hall or post office. The lack of safe pedestrian access across Connecticut Avenue between Bradley Lane and Chevy Chase Circle has been a decades-long concern for the residents of this and neighboring communities.

At the March regular meeting of the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers, the Village Traffic Committee presented its research and recommendation requesting that the State Highway Administration (SHA) install a pedestrian-activated traffic signal at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Lenox Street. The Board unanimously voted to support the Committee's recommendation and has sent a letter to the SHA Administrator urging SHA to expedite installation of a signal. A copy of the Traffic Committee's report and the Village Board's letter to SHA can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

The Board thanks the members of the Traffic Committee, specifically Committee member Jan Acton and Committee Chair Porter Wheeler, for their efforts on this important public safety initiative. More information regarding this pending request will be uploaded to the Village website and included in future issues of the Crier as it becomes available.


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