Board of Managers Elections

Chevy Chase Village is a municipal government which operates under a council-manager form of government. The Village's Board of Managers are elected by the residents of the community and are charged with the responsibility of passing local laws, setting a property tax rate, adopting operating and capital budgets, and providing services to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the Village's residents.

The Board of Managers carries out the corporate responsibilities outlined in the Village Charter. The Charter also outlines the procedures for election to the Board of Managers. In the event the Charter or published election procedures do not address an issue, the Election Supervisors will take into consideration, but will not be bound by, procedures adopted by Montgomery County and/or the State of Maryland for general elections.

This page contains important information regarding Board elections. If you have any questions or would like to obtain additional information regarding Board elections, please contact the Village Manager, Ms. Shana Davis-Cook, at 301-654-7300, or by email.

Chevy Chase Village Election Supervisors
2018 - 2019 Annual Report

  1. The Election Supervisors confirmed that four board members’ terms were ending in June 2019.   We ascertained the interest of incumbents in running again.  During February and March, we notified Village residents of the vacancies and the requirements to become a candidate, using the Crier and Village emails.  This information included a short summary of the financial disclosure procedures, in order to assure potential candidates that this step was not unduly onerous.
  2. The Election Supervisors met on April 4, 2019, following the deadline for candidates to submit their Certificates of Candidacy and Financial Disclosure Statements.  The Supervisors confirmed there are four candidates for the four open positions on the Board: three incumbents, Gary Crockett, Richard Ruda and David Winstead, are running again, and Linda Willard of West Newlands Street has filed as a new candidate.  Minh Le has decided to step down from the Board, and all of us thank her for her service.  All four of the candidates submitted the required certificates of candidacy and financial disclosure statements by April 4 deadline, and these have been reviewed and endorsed as duly filed by the Village Ethics Commissioners.  Because the number of candidates and the number of vacancies are equal, there will be no need for elections in May. 
  3. Unless there are any questions, pursuant to the procedures in the Village Charter, the Election Supervisors hereby declare the following four candidates elected to the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers: Gary Crockett, Richard Ruda, Linda Willard, and David Winstead. 
  4. The 2018-2019 Election Supervisors are Robert Broeksmit, Charlotte Jones-Carroll, Mary Sheehan (Chair), Karen Spangler and Nancy Wilkinson. 

2019 Board of Managers Election

Four Board seats will be up for election this spring.  The current Board members whose terms are expiring in June are Gary Crockett, Minh Le, Richard Ruda, and David Winstead.

Any Village resident may run for a seat on the Board provided he/she is a qualified voter in Montgomery County, has resided in Chevy Chase Village for at least one year prior to the election and files the required Certificate of Candidacy and Financial Disclosure Statement in proper form.  Board members serve two-year, staggered terms.  If the number of qualified candidates equals the number of available seats, the candidates will be declared elected at the Annual Meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019 (the meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.).  If the number of candidates exceeds the number of available seats, a contested election will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

The Village Election Supervisors oversee Village elections, including receiving nominations to serve on the Board of Managers.  Residents interested in running for a seat should please contact Election Supervisors Chair Mary Sheehan by email at so that the Elections Supervisors can begin to plan for the election.    

To qualify as a candidate, an individual, including sitting Board members, must submit to the Village office a completed Certificate of Candidacy along with a Financial Disclosure Statement, at any time after February 4 (90 days prior to Election Day), but by no later than April 4 (30 days prior to Election Day). Upon receiving both completed forms, the Village Manager will submit the Financial Disclosure Statement to the Village Ethics Commission, which will review the form within ten days of filing for compliance with the provisions of the Public Ethics Code.  Please note, however, that candidates are not certified to appear on the ballot until the Certificate of Candidacy and Financial Disclosure Statement have been reviewed and determined to be filed in proper form.

Forms are available in the Village office or by email request to the Village Manager Shana Davis-Cook at  For more information regarding Board elections, please visit the dedicated page on the Village’s website by clicking on “Board of Managers Elections” under Quick Links on the homepage.