Adopted Fiscal Year 2014 Budget & CIP

Budget & Tax Matters

FY2014 Adopted

Adopted Operating and Capital Budget for FY2014
July 1, 2013 through July 1, 2014

Useful Documents

FY2014 Budget Process

  • Budget Committee Report (PDF) of Financial Outlook for FY2013 and FY2014
  • The Budget Committee reviewed the Village Manager's draft budget at a public meeting held on Tuesday, February 5. View the Committee's Report (PDF)
  • The Village Board of Managers held its Budget Work Session on Wednesday, February 20. The Board requested that staff make additional changes to the operating and capital budget View draft minutes from the Budget Work Session (PDF).
  • The Board will hold a Public Hearing on the draft budget at its regular meeting on Monday, March 18, followed by further discussion (as needed) on the budget at a second Public Hearing at the Board's regular meeting on Monday, April 8
  • View a copy of the FY2014 Draft Budget Summary (PDF) and overview included in the April edition of the Crier
  • The Board will adopt the FY2014 operating and capital budget during the Village's Annual Meeting on Monday, April 15
  • View the Briefing Materials from the Board's Budget Work Session Held on February 20, 2013