Police Services

Police Department

The Chevy Chase Village Police Department's mission is to serve and protect the residents of the Village, their property and visitors. This is accomplished by State-certified sworn uniformed Police Officers who patrol the Village in cruisers, on bicycles and on foot. The Police Department exists to serve the community. A wide variety of services are offered in addition to patrol provided by Police Officers.

Communications Center

Chevy Chase Village maintains a 24 hour a day, seven-day a week Communications Center. Trained civilian personnel staff the Center.

The Village Communications Center enables all residents to have direct and timely contact with a Police Officer at all times. Residents can obtain a variety of services from the Village Communications Center including: House Checks, Special Pick-up Requests, Parking Permits, and Residential Alarm System Registrations.

The Communications Center is available for non-emergency or non-life threatening calls and can be reached at 301-654-7300. All callers requiring emergency police, fire or medical assistance should dial 911.