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December 4, 2018

UPDATE: Today's Stolen Car Located and Recovered in DC

This morning, a resident discovered her Chrysler minivan missing from her driveway in the 6300 block of Broad Branch Road. The owner called to activate the vehicle location software, and she instructed the provider to send e-notifications to the Chevy Chase Village Police Department.

Within a short time, CCVPD was receiving emails from the provider with longitude and latitude coordinates which showed that the stolen car was stationary in the 400 block of Madison Street, NW. Chief Fitzgerald contacted Commander Melvin Gresham of the Metropolitan Police Department, and Gresham immediately sent DC officers to find the stolen car. MPD officers located the car right where the GPS coordinates indicated it would be.

Officer Timmerman met the resident/car owner at her home and drove her into DC to meet with the DC officers and bring her car back home.

Village Police are grateful for the assistance provided by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The investigation is continuing.

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December 4, 2018

Car Stolen, Bicycle Taken, and a Car Entered on the East Side Overnight

Nearby resident's private security camera captured 3 persons trying door handles at 3:30 a.m.

Shortly before 7:00 a.m. today (Tuesday, December 04, 2018), a resident in the 6100 block of Western Avenue noticed that the side door into her detached garage was open; it had been closed the night before, but left unlocked. The resident investigated and discovered that a bicycle had been stolen from inside the garage and that both of the resident’s cars—one inside the garage and the other in the driveway—had been entered and rifled through, but nothing had been taken from either car.

Village officers Timmerman and Chung responded to investigate. While Officer Timmerman interviewed the homeowner, Officer Chung went house-to-house to interview nearby neighbors. When Officer Chung spoke to the resident right next door to the original victim, the resident instantly noticed that one of her cars—a blue Chrysler minivan—had been stolen from her driveway overnight. Two houses further up the street, Officer Chung spotted another car that appeared to have been tampered with. Officer Chung spoke with the homeowner who confirmed that someone had rifled through their car, but nothing was missing from it.

Later this morning, a resident from Nevada Avenue discovered that his home security video system had captured three suspicious persons walking in the street and pulling on car door handles at about 3:30 a.m. A still image of the trio is below.

Police in DC and nearby Montgomery County have experienced several similar theft events recently; most have occurred overnight, but several incidents targeting construction vehicles occurred during the daytime in November. Village Police are in regular contact with those agencies in an effort to coordinate and to identify suspects.

Residents are urged to lock their homes and their cars at all times, to leave exterior lights on throughout the night, and to call police immediately if they see or hear anything that arouses their suspicion.

Suspects walking away from a house on security video

November 19, 2018

Multiple Unlocked Cars Entered This Morning on Grafton Street

Thieves stole almost nothing after entering over a dozen unlocked cars

Just before 6:00 a.m. today (Monday, November 19, 2018), a resident called police to report debris in the roadway on Grafton Street.  Officers Timmerman and Chung arrived to find a briefcase and a shopping bag which made them suspect that thieves had recently discarded the items after they’d stolen them from cars. 

The officers began to look for signs of theft, and they quickly spotted several cars that appeared to have been entered by thieves (glove compartments left open, items dumped on seats, etc.).  In all, 14 cars had been entered along the 3-block length of Grafton Street from Chevy Chase Circle to Wisconsin Avenue.  All of the cars had been unlocked.

As of this writing, nothing was stolen from the majority of the cars that were entered.  Coins, a small tool, sunglasses and credit cards were taken from a few cars.

A resident reported to police that he heard a noise at about 5:00 a.m., and he saw a car exiting the Village against the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign at Grafton and Wisconsin.  Village Police will be reviewing the images on the traffic camera at that location to see if the violating vehicle might be related to these thefts.

Residents are urged to lock their car doors every time they park their car regardless of the hour. These thieves will likely return since they found so many unlocked cars this morning.  It was too easy for them.  We need your help to make it harder for thieves to get into your cars.  For the benefit of you and your neighbors, please lock it up!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Thieves Enter Construction Vehicles, Steal Wallets, Cell Phones in Daytime Spree

Two Suspects arrested by County Police in nearby Friendship Heights

At 1:43 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, a nanny employed by a resident on Grafton Street became an eyewitness to a theft from a construction van. She watched two men get out of a silver Toyota and approach a work van parked on Grafton near Cedar Parkway. One of the men smashed the driver’s window of the van, unlock the door and enter it. When the suspects noticed that they had been seen, they got back into the silver Toyota and drove off in the direction of Chevy Chase Circle and out of sight. The astute eyewitness got the car’s Maryland tag number (CTK 217), called 9-1-1 and reported the crime.

Village dispatcher John Beall saw the call information pop up on the county’s dispatch screen that we have in our Communications Center. Before Montgomery County dispatched the call, Village dispatcher Beall immediately sent Village officers to the scene. County police responded as well to assist in the search for the suspects.

Village officers quickly learned that the suspect’s silver Toyota had been stolen in the District of Columbia. Village officers immediately sent the lookout information to county and DC police officers. On-scene investigation revealed that, in addition to the theft witnessed by the nanny, the suspects had entered a second work van (this one was unlocked) parked in the same area. In total, the thieves stole two wallets and one cell phone from the vans on Grafton Street.

DC police arrived to exchange information with Village officers. The DC officers informed Village officers that they had received several similar theft reports throughout the day involving the same group of suspects, and they had been on the lookout for the stolen car for hours. The thieves were targeting construction vehicles and taking cell phones and wallets.

While Village officers were still on Grafton Street, a parking attendant in Friendship Heights witnessed two men tampering with a vehicle, and he called county police. County officers arrived quickly and detained two suspects. Investigation revealed that they were in possession of several cell phones and an expandable metal baton (possibly used to break car windows). County police arrested both suspects—a juvenile and an adult. Investigators are working to connect the pair with other similar events in the area.

As of this writing, the stolen car has not been recovered. The investigation continues.

June 29, 2018

Car Thief Identified, Charged
DC man, 18, is currently being held in jail

In the early morning hours of Monday, April 9, 2018, a brand new 2018 Audi Q7 was stolen from the owner’s driveway on Primrose Street between Brookville Road and Oxford Street.  The key had been left inside the vehicle. 

Less than a week later, on Sunday, 4/15/18, DC Police (MPD) spotted the stolen Audi still displaying the owner’s license plates.  The car, occupied by three males, fled when police tried to stop it. The suspects abandoned the car in the 400 block of O Street Southwest and ran.  They were able to make their getaway before pursuing MPD officers caught up to the car.  MPD towed the car to a storage lot and notified Village Police.  The SUV had been involved in a collision and had sustained significant damage.

Village police have a partnership with detectives from Montgomery County’s Centralized Auto Theft Team (CATT), and they began to do a follow-up investigation of the case.  Coincidentally, Detective John Eggener from CATT had identified a suspect involved in an unrelated car theft.  Det. Eggener obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s cell phone to further his investigation.  During the search of the phone, Det. Eggener stumbled upon brag photos and videos of the suspect driving the stolen Audi Q7 that was taken on April 9 in the Village.  The images contained the victim’s stolen license plate, also.  (As an aside, the police truly appreciate it when criminals produce such solid evidence for the prosecution). 

Det. Eggener obtained and served an arrest warrant charging 18 year-old Amir Darnell-Curtis Golden of Washington, DC with felony theft, and felony motor vehicle theft.  He is currently in jail awaiting trial.


Latent Fingerprints Nab Two Thieves
Village officer credited with finding fingerprints, obtaining arrest warrants

In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 25, 2018, several residents reported that someone had entered their unlocked cars overnight.  A total of seven cars were entered, and some items were stolen.

Village officer James Timmerman responded to investigate the crimes.  He painstakingly dusted for signs of latent fingerprints on the cars.  He lifted several latent prints and he submitted them to the regional fingerprint database for analysis. 

After several weeks, the lab returned ‘hits’ on two known thieves.  Armed with that evidence, Officer Timmerman obtained arrest warrants charging two adult men with several counts of theft and conspiracy.  One of the thieves lives in Prince George’s County and the other lives in Washington, DC.  The men are currently wanted; we will provide further details about them after they are arrested.

Nice work, Officer Timmerman!

June 28, 2018

Tools stolen from three contractors’ trucks
One was unlocked; locks were punched out on two others

At about 12:30 in the afternoon on Thursday, June 28, a construction worker on the unit block of Hesketh Street saw two black males—one wearing a hard hat and the other wearing a bright, reflective vest—walking along Hesketh and pulling on the door handles of parked construction trucks.  The worker yelled at the pair, and they immediately fled on foot heading west on Hesketh.  Village officers immediately responded and searched the Village and surrounding areas for the men, but they were not located. 

While officers were investigating the Hesketh Street incident, a construction worker in the 5600 block of Grove Street flagged an officer down to report that he had just discovered that a lock on one of the doors to his truck was punched inward by force, and a thief had stolen some of his tools.  He did not witness the crime of see any suspects.

A short time after the Grove Street theft was reported, a contractor who was doing a job at All Saints Church discovered that someone had defeated a lock on his truck while the truck was parked on Grafton Street adjacent to the church. Some tools were stolen from his truck, as well.

Officers believe that the thieves must have been in a car or truck of some kind as they committed their crimes; some of the stolen tools are heavy and cumbersome, and a vehicle would be required to transport them.

Residents are asked to share this information with their contractors so that they can keep an eye out for any suspicious persons in the area of their vehicles.

June 25, 2018

Valuable Bicycle Stolen from Open Garage
It was taken sometime between Wednesday, June 20 and Friday, June 22 

On Sunday, June 24, a resident from the westernmost block of Grafton (between Kirkside and Wisconsin) noticed that his men’s black Trek FX3 hybrid bicycle was stolen from his open garage which is attached to the residence.  The resident reported that his son often leaves the garage door open during daytime hours when the boy plays outside, and the garage had been left open during the day on June 20, 21 and 22.  The bicycle, valued at $900, was likely taken during the day when the door was open. 

Residents are urged to lock up their bicycles—preferably indoors—whenever they are not being ridden, and to register their bicycles with the Village police department so that the serial number will be in our database.  At a minimum, residents should record their serial numbers an maintain them in a safe location.

April 24, 2018

Stolen Audi SUV Recovered Following Pursuit in DC
3 suspects fled; no arrests

Overnight Sunday, 4/8/18-Monday, 4/9/18, a brand new 2018 Audi Q7 was stolen from the owner’s driveway on Primrose Street between Brookville Road and Oxford Street.  The key had been left inside the vehicle. 

At about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, 4/15/18, DC Police (MPD) spotted the stolen Audi still displaying the owner’s license plates.  The car, occupied by three males, fled when police tried to stop it. The suspects abandoned the car in the 400 block of O Street Southwest (not far from the Southwest Waterfront and Nationals Park) and ran.  They were able to make their getaway before pursuing MPD officers caught up to the car.  MPD towed the car to a storage lot and notified Village Police.  The SUV had been involved in a collision and had sustained significant damage.

Village Police have been working closely with the Montgomery County Police Auto Theft Unit (ATU).  Detective Tod Muollo of the ATU responded to the storage lot where the car was taken.  Det. Muollo processed the car for forensic evidence, and he has submitted several items to the lab for analysis.   Currently, the owner has reclaimed the SUV and it is now in the shop for repairs.

The Village Police Department appreciates its partnership with the County Police and with the work of Det. Muollo in particular.

The investigation is continuing.

April 9, 2018

Car Stolen, 5 Cars Entered by Thieves Overnight (Sun-Mon)

Key had been left inside stolen car; all entered cars were unlocked

Overnight last night (Sunday, 4/8/18-Monday, 4/9/18), a brand new 2018 Audi Q7 was stolen from the owner’s driveway on Primrose Street between Brookville Road and Oxford Street. The key had been left inside the vehicle.

Village police also received calls from five additional residents reporting that their unlocked cars had been entered overnight. The particulars follow:

  • Primrose Street between Brookville and Oxford; nothing taken
  • Primrose Street between Connecticut and Brookville; change taken
  • Primrose Street between Oxford and Western; nothing taken
  • Quincy Street between Connecticut and Brookville; nothing taken
  • Grove Street between Kirkside and the Buffer Zone; nothing taken

The stolen Audi was likely taken by the same petty thieves who opened unlocked car doors on that same street; the key within the stolen car provided them with the opportunity to take the new SUV. Village officers are currently working with Audi to locate the car using GPS technology. The investigation is continuing.

March 9, 2018

Car Stolen, 3 Additional Cars Entered by Thieves Thursday Night

Overnight last night (Thursday, March 8-Friday, March 9), unknown individual(s) stole a silver 2013 Lexus two-door coupe from a home on Grafton Street between Cedar Parkway and Kirkside Drive.  The owner of the car discovered the car missing on Friday morning.  Village officers entered the stolen car into the national database and provided a lookout to the Montgomery County Police. 

Three additional unlocked cars were entered last night: one on the same block of Grafton as the stolen car (change taken); another on Chevy Chase Circle (wallet taken), and one on West Irving between Magnolia and Cedar (nothing taken).

January 26, 2018

Seven Unlocked Cars Entered Wednesday Night

Please lock your car every time you park!

On Thursday (January 25, 2018) morning, several residents reported that someone had entered their unlocked cars overnight. A pair of expensive sunglasses and a credit card was taken from one car, a debit card was taken from another, and nothing was taken from five of the cars.

In one instance, a resident on the east side of the Village reported that she was awakened at 1:00 a.m. by the family dog who was barking aggressively, but she did not investigate further or call the Village Police. It was later learned that a credit card had been stolen from this resident’s car, and investigation revealed that the card had been used three times within 30 minutes after the dog alerted her.

The locations of the vehicle entries are as follows:

  • E. Lenox between Connecticut and Brookville: 3 unlocked cars entered; nothing taken.
  • E. Kirke between Connecticut and Brookville: 1 unlocked car entered; nothing taken.
  • E. Kirke between Brookville and Nevada: 1 unlocked car entered; sunglasses and
    credit card taken.
  • W. Irving between Magnolia and Cedar: 1 unlocked car entered; debit card taken.
  • Hesketh between Magnolia and Cedar: 1 unlocked car entered; nothing taken.