Administrative Office & Permitting

Village Manager

The Village Manager, appointed by the Board of Managers, is responsible for the day-to-day management of Village Operations. Through her appointed Department Heads, the Village Manager:

  • Supervises Village Civil Service employees
  • Oversees the operational and capital budget
  • Plans and directs the delivery of all municipal services within the Village
  • Monitors outside contractor services
  • Implements all policy matters established by the Board of Managers
  • Enforces all Village Ordinances

The Village Manager's position also requires a close working relationship with the State of Maryland, Montgomery County and District of Columbia governments, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the surrounding Chevy Chase jurisdictions.

Administrative Office

 Four staff members work within the Administrative Office along with the Village Manager to provide quality municipal services to Chevy Chase Village residents.

These staffers include: 

The Village office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to provide services to residents including but not limited to:

  • Welcome packets
  • Resident directories
  • Partial or complete copies of the Chevy Chase Village Code
  • Building, Tree Removal, Dumpster and Sign Permits
  • To conduct other Village-related business.

The offices are the repository of all documentation necessary for the effective administration and operation of a Municipal Government including, but not limited to, resolutions, updates, and amendments to the Charter and Code of Ordinances.

The Village staff is responsible for coordination of regular and special Board of Managers' meetings, distribution of public notices, publication of Welcome Packets for new residents, the Resident Directory, the monthly newsletter, the Crier, and other informational documents.

In addition, the staff monitors Village sponsored classes, plan the annual 4th of July Parade, Halloween and Holiday Parties. The staff is responsible for rental of the Village Hall to residents for private functions.

The Village staff coordinates with the Board of Managers and Village residents to address issues as they may arise and provides information regarding community issues within Village boundaries, as well as the immediate surrounding area.

Village staff act as a liaison between the Village and local utility companies and developers, Village contractors and State and County organizations regarding utility maintenance and upgrade, local property acquisition, local residential and commercial expansion, refuse collection, maintenance of trees and landscaping in the public rights-of-way and repairs to Village sidewalks and streets.