Garden Debris & Yard Waste Collection

Garden debris and yard waste collection is executed routinely throughout the week. To assist the Public Works crew in the collection process, yard debris, such as leaves, small sticks, grass clippings and brush (large branches no more than 3-4 feet in length), should be placed at the curbside making sure that it is not blocking sewers, storm drains or water flow in gutters. Debris generated by a contracted landscaper or handyman must be removed by the contractor.

General Guidelines

  • Leaves: These items should be small and light enough to be picked up by a leaf vacuum. Bradley Lane residents must rake their leaves into paper bags and then placed at the curb.
  • Grass trimmings: Professional landscapers are expected to remove grass clippings they produce. Residents on Bradley Lane (only) must place grass clippings in large paper bags.
  • Large branches/brush: Awkward, large or heavy yard/tree items that cannot be lifted by our street vacuum. These branches should be no more than 3-4 feet in length and placed at the curb.