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Update on Board Action Regarding Right-of-Way Mowing

Friday, February 1, 2013

At the January Board meeting, the Board (by a vote of 4 to 1) voted to eliminate mowing on Village rights-of-way located between the sidewalk and curb except for the area along Connecticut Avenue (which is a large State right-of-way, including a large area with double sidewalks along part of Connecticut Ave.

The Board action followed a report from the Village staff and a review of resident feedback in response to cover articles in the December and January issues of the Crier, a homepage feature on the Village website, and weekly blast emails since early
December soliciting community feedback on the potential elimination of the right-of-way mowing service. The responses received ran more than 80% in favor of eliminating right-of-way mowing, which would save the Village about $14,000 per year.

At the March meeting the Board will consider amendments to the Village Code to implement this decision. A copy of the proposed amendments will be posted to the Village website well in advance of the meeting. Any residents with questions should contact Michael Younes at the Village office (