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2013 Crime Prevention Campaign Kickoff

Friday, January 11, 2013

Crime in the Village continues to be very low in all categories save one: thefts from unlocked cars at night.  We recorded 67 thefts in 2011 and 97 in 2012—that’s a 45% increase in a single year.  We have arrested and successfully prosecuted several thieves this year, and while the pace of thefts has slowed since the arrests, they continue.  The common denominator to these thefts is the unlocked car parked overnight.  I urge each of you to help us eliminate these thefts by doing a few simple things:

1. Lock your car every time you park.
Remove all valuables from your car.
Leave your front porch light on all night long.
Call the police whenever you see or hear anything suspicious.

Your police department will continue to do its part to deter and detect these criminals, but our job is much harder without your assistance.  If you follow the above rules, I am confident that we will dramatically reduce our theft numbers. 

Beginning on Saturday, January 12, Village police officers will be going door to door on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to deliver a brief crime prevention message with a 1-page flyer.  Please expect to see their smiling faces at your front door in the near future!

Here’s wishing all of our residents a happy and safe New Year!