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Mail Theft Leads to Identity Theft

Friday, November 16, 2012

Residents are Urged Not to Leave Outgoing Mail in Their Mail Slots/Boxes

Last month, the Chevy Chase Village Police Department received a report of outgoing mail theft from a resident's mail slot. The mail was left for the postal carrier, but it is believed that the outgoing mail was stolen before it was collected by the carrier. The resident discovered the crime when he learned that a check from the outgoing mail had been altered and cashed by a thief. Today, Village officers received a call for an attempted theft of funds from a resident's bank account that may have been set in motion by stolen mail from the resident's mail box.

For many years, residents have routinely placed their outgoing mail in their mail slot or in their mail box to be picked up by the postal carrier. The Village Police Department strongly recommends that residents stop this practice immediately. We recognize that it is very convenient to leave your mail outside for the carrier, but with the prevalence of identity theft and related fraud, leaving outgoing mail where it can be taken by a thief is a very risky thing to do. For your own protection, we urge you to place your outgoing mail in one of the many blue USPS mail boxes that are conveniently located throughout the Village, or drop it at any post office.