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Autumn Leaf Collection Effort

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Public Works Department’s yearly leaf collection effort will begin toward the end of October and will continue as often as needed through the first week in December. Each week, the leaf truck on the west side of the Village will begin on West Melrose Street and work south ending on Western Avenue; and the leaf truck on the east side will begin on East Irving Street working north and ending on Quincy Street.


Residents on Bradley Lane are required to bag their leaves before placing them at the roadside. Bradley Lane will be collected throughout the week. If you are planning to bag your leaves, they must be placed in paper bags. The Public works crew will not pick up leaves that have been bagged in plastic. Residents are asked to rake their leaves as close to the curb as possible without putting them in the roadway gutter. Should it rain, leaves piled in the gutter will dam the water causing it to pond. Please avoid boxing in piles of leaves between cars both for easier accessibility for the collection crews and safety for your vehicles.


Sticks and other sharp tree and garden debris should be left loose and placed in separate piles from leaves. Sharp debris can tear the leaf collection hoses or dull the blades, resulting in repairs to the vacuum machinery that can cause delays in the schedule.


Leaves on each block in the Village should be collected once per week. Schedule updates will be circulated on the weekly blast emails.