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Improved Street Lighting: A Work in Progress

Friday, September 21, 2012

Resident Feedback Needed

The Village is committed to improving the street lighting along Village streets and rights-of-way. This past spring, fourteen (14) additional streetlights were installed by PEPCO throughout the Village. As part of the second phase of our effort to improve lighting throughout the community, another eight locations have been identified for additional streetlights to be installed during the current fiscal year (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013) and the Village Board has budgeted an additional $21,000 for this purpose. By June 30, 2013, the Village will have spent close to $45,000 to improve lighting along Village streets.

To view the list of new streetlight locations please click here or click on the “PEPCO and Streetlight” link under the News tab.

With the completed installation of the first phase of additional streetlights, our Police Department is in the process of conducting a follow-up survey of the Village's streets to determine where remaining “dark-spot” locations exist. Based on this follow-up survey, staff will present its findings to the Village Board for authorization to proceed with the second phase of installations.

At the forefront of this effort has been how we balance adequate lighting with our goals toward maintaining a healthy and robust tree canopy. To this end, the Village's arborist has begun an assessment of the Village's tree canopy to determine where trees can be sensibly pruned (also referred to as “clearance pruning”) to allow for adequate light dispersion while maintaining the health and canopy of our trees.

In order to maximum our efforts, residents are strongly encouraged to report areas along Village streets that are dark or have malfunctioning streetlights. If you notice a street light flickering or burned out, you can:

When contacting PEPCO, you will need to know the pole number (located in the metal band on every pole). Also tell PEPCO the fixtures are the “cut off flat glass” style.

By reporting an outage online, the information is entered into Pepco's queue. You should receive a follow-up email with a tracking number. Pepco says they will respond to most repair requests within 15 days and will send an email notification when the repair is completed. When outages are called into the Village Communications Center, staff submits the information through the same PEPCO online form.