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Important Information about Generators

Monday, August 6, 2012


A few weeks ago, the Village and surrounding areas were hit with severe storms that knocked out power for an extended period of time followed by a record-breaking heat wave. As a result, increases in the use of both permanent and portable generators have been observed, and a number of residents have complained about the excessive noise associated with their use.

Both permanent and portable generators are subject to the Village and County noise ordinances. The nighttime noise emitted from either type of generator is limited to a maximum of 55 decibels as measured from the property line. The decibel noise limit will be strictly enforced and violations may be subject to a daily fine of up to $500.00.

Residents are reminded that if they are planning to purchase a generator, they should make sure the device complies with the noise ordinance limits. Residents that currently have a generator should check the manufacturer's information to ensure that the generator does not exceed the noise ordinance limits. Existing generators which exceed the noise limits should be retrofitted with noise suppression equipment. In addition, the physical location of the generator should be chosen to minimize noise impacts to both on-site occupants and all nearby neighbors. As a courtesy to Village residents, the Village Police Department will measure the noise created by your generator upon request.

In addition to noise, there are a variety of safety considerations in the use of generators including the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and of fire hazards. Generators should never be used inside the home or any enclosed space, fuel should always be stored outside of living areas, and the refueling of the generator can pose a fire hazard if not done with care.

Residents contemplating the purchase of a generator are encouraged to contact the Village office for additional information regarding both the noise compliance requirements and safe use recommendations. Residents who experience excess noise from the use of a neighbor's generator should call the Village Communications Center at (301) 654-7300 to report it.

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