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Policy and Procedures: Tree Planting in Village Rights-of-Way

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As described in last month's issue of the Crier, at its June 11 meeting, the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers adopted the following policy and procedures regarding the planting of trees in the Village's public rights-of-way. This policy takes effect immediately. Please click on the link below for a revised list of the proposed sites and trees to be planted this autumn. Should you have any comments please send them immediately in writing to Tree Committee Chair Samuel Lawrence via the Village office by emailing:

Policy: To fulfill its objective of maintaining and enhancing the Village tree canopy and an aesthetically pleasing streetscape, the Village will seek fully to utilize opportunities for planting trees within Village rights of way, taking into consideration the need to plant a variety of species (to the extent possible, native to this area), constraints imposed by power lines and other utilities, appropriate spacing, and such special circumstances as may be brought to its attention through the process outlined below.

As funds become available, trees will be planted in all sites within Village rights of way absent compelling reasons not to do so. Additionally, in selected locations where a viable planting site is not available in the rights of way but the canopy and streetscape would be enhanced through a tree planted on immediately adjacent private property, the Village may, with that owner's concurrence, assume the cost for planting a tree that will be included in the Village tree inventory and maintained by the Village.

Procedure: As a product of the tree inventory now underway, the Village will maintain a roster of planting sites on Village rights of way. At least four months prior to planting, a list of trees proposed for planting in Village rights of way and the species proposed for each site will be published on the Village website and in the Crier. Additionally, letters will be sent by the Village office to those residents whose properties directly abut proposed planting sites. Residents will be invited to provide a written comment regarding proposed plantings adjacent to their property as to the proposed species, preferred specific location, and possible unique circumstances which might render planting on the proposed site clearly inappropriate or infeasible. These comments will be referred to the Village Tree Committee which at least six weeks prior to the planned date for planting will tally resident comments for review by the Board of Managers and offer any further advice or comment it may have. The Tree Committee report will be reviewed and acted upon by the Board of Managers in public session prior to planting. At this time, any resident who believes the Tree Committee in its report has not appropriately addressed his/her circumstance may appear before the Board to state their concerns.

Residents located on streets where the ROW is not sufficiently wide to accommodate plantings will be invited to suggest trees which might be planted on their property in order to enhance the streetscape and Village canopy. Village staff or the Tree Committee may also from time to time advance recommendations for such plantings. These plantings will be negotiated with the affected residents on a case-by-case basis but with notification of any planned plantings also provided to close neighbors.

Proposed Fall 2012 Tree Planting Sites