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Personnel Commission

Applicable Commission Guidelines

(Excerpted from Section 3-4 of the Village "Personnel Code")

(a) There shall be a three-member personnel commission. The members shall serve for three-year terms or until a successor has been appointed, except that the initial appointments shall be for one (1) year, two (2) years and three (3) years, so that the members terms shall be staggered. Each year the chairman of the Board of Managers shall designate one (1) commission member as chairman of the commission. Membership on the commission shall be restricted to qualified voters of Chevy Chase Village who are not Village employees and who are not elected officials of the Village.

(b) The members of the personnel commission shall familiarize themselves with the Village personnel code and regulations and procedures adopted pursuant thereto.

(c) The personnel commission shall, from time to time, make recommendations to the Village Manager or Board of Managers to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the Village civil service.

(d) The personnel commission shall hear appeals pursuant to section 3-27 of [the "Personnel Code"].

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Click here if you are interested in joining this Commission (Please Note: Appointments to Village Commissions occur when current members' terms expire, or upon a member's resignation.) Note: you must be logged into the Village website using your resident account to access this form.

Term Expires Member Name  
September 2017 Orrin Baird
September 2016 Charles Ingersoll  
September 2018 Gregory Ossi

Staff Representative: Shana Davis-Cook