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Chevy Chase Redbook

Welcome To the Neighborhood!

Eleven closely located communities in the down-county area of Montgomery County that make up the Chevy Chase and Kensington area have prepared this directory to help residents, realtors, businesses, service providers, utilities, state and county agencies and the like find their way around our shared boundaries and zip codes. The Chevy Chase Redbook provides readers with that information.

The Communities Included Are:

Chevy Chase (Town of)
Chevy Chase View (Town of)
Chevy Chase Village
Friendship Heights (Village of)
Garrett Park (Town of)
Kensington (Town of)
Martin's Additions (Village of)
North Chevy Chase (Village of)
Section 3, (Village of Chevy Chase)
Section 5, (Village of Chevy Chase)
Somerset (Town of)

The communities listed above are self-governing units 10 are incorporated municipalities and one is a special taxing district. The Connecticut Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue corridors link these towns, so even if a community is not called Chevy ChaseŁ, many of our interests and concerns are similar by virtue of our self-governing status, ordinances, permitting requirements and location.

Early in the history of this area separate special taxing districts were created to assist in the delivery of services to the residents. Each of these districts had a Citizens Committee that helped the County in its delivery of services to that particular neighborhood. In later years these special taxing areas evolved into the government structures that exist in each town today. All of the towns have a relationship with Montgomery County regarding the sharing and delivery of services. All collect tax revenues and control their own streets.

For a listing of key contact people, a map of its specific boundaries, and a description of its boundaries along with a listing of the streets and street addresses within that community please click here.