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Village Sidewalk Replacements

At its meeting on June 10, 2013, the Village Board authorized the replacement of the following sections of sidewalks, during the upcoming fiscal year (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014). Below please find a tentative schedule for this next round of replacements:

  • Quincy Street - Complete
  • Newlands Street - Complete
  • Primrose Street (between 27 Primrose Street and Brookville Road only) - Complete
  • Primrose Street (between Brookville Road and Oxford Street) - Complete
  • East Irving Street - Complete
  • East Melrose Street (between Connecticut Avenue and Brookville Road only) - Complete
  • East Lenox Street (including extending the north side of the sidewalk in the 100 block of East Lenox Street to Brookville Road) - Complete
  • West Kirke Street - Under Construction

Remaining sections of sidewalks, including those around the Village Hall and along the Belmont Buffer, will be reassessed and subject to Board approval for replacement prior to the beginning of fiscal year 2015.


Village Sidewalk Replacements - June 10, 2013

Capital Improvement Program - Sidewalk Replacements: Staff Proposed FY2014 Schedule - May 13, 2013


PowerPoint Presentation from May 14, 2012 Board of Managers Meeting regarding Village Sidewalk Project

Capital Improvement Program - Sidewalk Replacements: Staff Proposed FY2013 Schedule

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions the Village office has received on the project.

Click here to view which sidewalks will be replaced in the first year (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012)


Over the past couple of years, the Village Board, Public Works Committee and staff have been working to develop a comprehensive plan to replace the existing sidewalks throughout the Village. At the Board's May 16 and June 13 regular meetings, Village staff presented reports on the sidewalks needing to most amount of repair and proposed schedules to complete sidewalk and handicap ramp upgrades¹. At its meeting in January 2010 and again in May 2010, the Board unanimously approved the use of the PineHall Pathway Full Range Clay Brick paver for use throughout the Village, regardless of the material that is being replaced.

At its meeting on June 13, the Village Board authorized two (2) contracts to obtain construction services to replace all sidewalks over the next four (4) years and existing handicap ramps in the upcoming fiscal year (beginning July 1). In year one of the sidewalk replacements the Village's contractor, Capitol Hardscapes, will be focusing on replacing sidewalks along Village streets that have been categorized as needing to most amount of repair. In keeping with Village policy to actively use the SafeSpeed revenues to improve pedestrian safety all existing handicap ramps in this Village will be upgraded in the first year, and may even begin as early as the middle of August, with sidewalk replacements beginning shortly thereafter. Prior to construction, residents will receive more detailed correspondence outlining the final schedule and construction phasing.

In the interim, the Village's Public Works crews will continue its work in support of the Village's sidewalk maintenance and repair program as we continue to utilize the funds generated by the SafeSpeed Program to make the Village a safer community for all.

The Village' sidewalk contractor will take all due care to avoid disrupting private improvements/features (i.e., irrigation systems, lead walks, plantings, etc.) located between the sidewalk and the street; however, it is the abutting resident’s responsibility to mark, locate and repair any damage that may result from the sidewalk replacement work.  These features are considered to be "private improvements" for which the Village is not responsible for ensuring their protection nor replacement.


In an effort to provide timely and accurate information regarding the progress of this multi-year project a dedicated page has been created on the Village's website for project updates. Residents can access the page from the Village's homepage clicking on the “Village Sidewalk Replacements ” link under the “Quick Links” section and under the “News” section. Residents may also contact Director of Municipal Operations, Michael Younes at for more information.

¹These upgrades are required by the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, which mandates that any new or replaced sidewalks include the installation of handicap (wheelchair accessible) ramps with detectable warning surfaces at all roadway intersections.