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Household Recycling

The Village recycling program is also under private contract. Collection of recyclable metals, plastics, glass and mixed paper occurs every Wednesday for the west side of Connecticut Avenue and every Thursday for the east side of Connecticut Avenue. As with household refuse, this collection is from the rear door. Recyclables should be placed in the appropriate recycling bin - Green for metals/glass/plastic and Grey for mixed paper.

The list of acceptable recyclable materials is constantly growing and a current list follows:

Acceptable Materials - Mixed Paper (Grey bin)

  • Newspapers (with inserts), Magazines and Catalogs, Junk Mail
  • Cardboard and Paperboard Boxes (including all cereal boxes without the liners, and frozen food packaging), Corrugated Boxes, Computer Printouts
  • Books (including paperbacks, textbooks, and hardbacks)
  • Office Paper (including typing, fax, copy and letterhead) and Envelopes
  • Brown Paper Bags (if you do need them for your shopping)
  • Telephone Books, Non-Metallic Wrapping Paper
  • Milk and Juice Cartons (most cartons are recyclable)

Acceptable Materials - Commingled (Green bin)

  • Aluminum Food & Beverage Containers (free of food, but need not be too clean)
  • Metal Cans, Ferrous and Bimetal Food and Beverage Containers
  • All Narrow-Neck Plastic Containers (other than for motor oil) Plastic codes 1 - 7
  • Aerosol Cans (empty), Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Pie Pans (free of food)
  • Glass Containers such as jars and bottles
  • Wide-Mouth Plastic Containers such as peanut butter, yogurt, margarine/butter tubs, cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped topping, and mayonnaise
  • Rigid Plastics which include plastic milk/soda crates, plastic buckets with metal handles, plastic laundry baskets, plastic lawn furniture, plastic totes, plastic drums, plastic coolers, plastic flower pots, plastic drinking cups/glasses, plastic 5-gallon water bottles, plastic pallets, plastic toys, and empty plastic garbage/recycling bins

Recycling materials must not be placed in plastic bags. All non-recyclable materials should be placed with the regular trash or a special pickup scheduled. Complimentary recycling containers are available for pick-up by new residents of the Village. Additional containers may be purchased for $10.00.