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Accident Report Online System

The Chevy Chase Village Police Department's accident reports are available online effective October 1, 2006 through the company TRACView Accident Report System.   Chevy Chase Village is the first law enforcement agency in the State of Maryland to offer this online service.

Rather than individually requesting reports, issuing multiple checks, and then waiting for mailed reports, insurance companies can now quickly purchase an accident report online and receive a single consolidated bill at month's end for the reports they ordered.

TRACView will receive scanned reports from the Village Police Department and post them online on their secure website.  Insurance companies and citizens have secure access to the reports.  Non-Village residents can still obtain a copy of their accident report for the $10 fee at the Village Communications Center.  Village residents can continue to recieve a gratis copy of their accident report from the Communications Center.

What is TRACView?
TRACView is an internet based application that was developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic accident reports in a more efficient manner.

Through the use of cutting edge online document management technology, you are now able to rapidly find and view an accident report usually within 24 hours of being scanned.  No more waiting in line or mailing report request forms.  Now you can access your reports over the internet, 24 hours a day!

These accident reports are available for purchase by you or your insurance company by visting and by clicking on the link "Purchase a Report Online".