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Our Regulations and Policies

Officials of the Village

Sectional Tab Labeling
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Public Ethics

Chapter 3 Personnel Code

Chapter 4 Emergencies
Chapter 5 Municipal Infractions
Chapter 6 Penalties, Fees and Fines
Chapter 7 Village Building Facilities
Chapter 8 Buildings and Building Regulations
Chapter 9 Fire Safety Code
Chapter 10 Health and Sanitation
Chapter 11 Stormwater Management
Chapter 12 Signs
Chapter 13 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 14 Permit Parking
Chapter 15 Bicycles
Chapter 16  Closure and Abandonment of Rights-of-Way
Chapter 17 Urban Forest

Chapter 18 Animal Control
Chapter 19 Solicitors and Vendors
Chapter 20 Noise Control
Chapter 21 Alarms
Chapter 22 Cable Communications
Chapter 23 Minimum Livability Code - Repealed October 2004
Chapter 24 Procurement and Disposition

Chapter 25 Public Rights-of-Way see below Resolution for amendments to this Chapter

Chapter 26 Election Supervisors